Education Resources

The following links lead to a variety of articles, flyers, and treatises on various aspects of mushing and other sled dog sports. Enjoy!.

All articles copyright CMM.

A Brief Summary of the History of CMM
Compiled from several old-timer members

Musher Etiquette Chapter 1
Motels and Parking Lots

Musher Etiquette Chapter 2
Race Parking Lots

Training a Lead Dog
Ray Gordon Article written by Roger Carpenter

Avalanches and Mushing

Canine Flu
Written by TJ Shrader

Spirit of CMM

Urban Mushing and Dryland Racing

Weight Pulling for Dogs

Skijoring FAQ

61-page PDF file

Colorado Mountain Mushers Education Resource Page
211Kb PDF file

Sled Dog Tour Companies in Colorado
CMM makes no recommendation nor offers approval of any Sled Dog Tour Company.

Reading List
For those who love sled dog sports.

Tethering Info
On behalf of CMM members the CMM Board has taken an active interest in the progress and status of proposed legislation regarding the tethering of dogs in the state of Colorado. Follow the links listed below to learn more about the matter and how CMM is responding to it.
Dec 2009 CMM Board Letter

  • Regarding tethering

  • CMM Member Comments
    Submitted by member Nancy Russell

  • Suggested Tethering Legislation
    Feb 2010

  • CMM Board Comments
    Submitted by the CMM Board Feb 2010

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